From Everyone at SPINQUARK

Hi friends!

In July of 2019 we launched Spinquark with a debut story that demonstrated the revolving door of nearly 200 DNC/Big Tech employees, constantly playing musical chairs to determine who could silence conservatives the most. It’s been a wild ride since then. For just over four years we’ve posted news stories with snarky headlines every day, often times days or weeks before they hit mainstream news, if they ever did at all. In all we posted 31,837 headlines, an average of 22 per day.

All along, we never cared much more for the GOP than we do the DNC, and we hope that has come across as we prepare to enter a brutal election year. Oliver Anthony has it right; you have few advocates working for the people in either uniparty.

After four years of being labeled hate speech by Twitter and being rejected from every major ad platform, it’s time to close the laptop lid.

That’s not to say we’re gone forever. The site will remain, just in case, and if America needs us again just send up the Bat Signal and we’ll be right back here informing you about the important stories neither side want you to know.

Until then, fill your hands generously so that when you stand before Christ they aren’t empty. Be kinder than necessary to all people, even stupid and evil ones. Reject all war. Pray the Rosary. Pray for the world like a reckoning is months away. Embrace your family and live to your fullest in all the moments you have.

Everyone at Spinquark loves you.

Always have.

Always will.

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